ESPR Test Day Scheduled for May 7th

ESPR Test Day Scheduled for May 7th

Limited space is available for the 2016 May ESPR Test day. Ten spots will be reserved for testing at the Ten Mile River Scout camps on May 7th. Visit the Test Day Page for more info.


  • $300 per driver early entry fee paid in full by April 15, 2016
  • Entry limited to 10 drivers maximum
  • Drivers may share cars, but each driver must pay full entry fee┬áCo-drivers allowed but not required
  • * NASA Rally Sport License, Medical Form, and Membership are required * *
  • All safety gear equipment required

Current helmets, harnesses, fire suits, shoes, head and neck restraints, etc. . .

  • Open to current log booked Rally Cars only!
  • Stage is 6.5 mile closed road on private property its circular no waiting for turnaround.
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