Fedoff and Fabian Win Empire State Performance Rally 2015


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Fedoff and Fabian Win Empire State Performance Rally 2015




Narrowsbury, New York, USA, November 8, 2015–The team of Klim Fedoff and Zsanett Fabian (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9) were the overall winners of the Empire State Performance Rally (ESPR), a national automobile rally held in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. Alvin Fong/William Machin (Evo 9) placed second, almost four minutes behind, followed by Emmanuel Cecchet/Scott Clark (Subaru Impreza WRX STI).

Erik Potts and Bernhard “Bernie” Obry won the two-wheel-drive category, in only their second rally with Potts’ Subaru BRZ, despite the fact that their suspension still needs development to properly cope with a loose-surfaced rally route. Greg Healey/Philip Barnes (1978 Datsun 280Z) were second the category from Michael Hooper/Claudia Pullen (BMW325is) and Lajos Jonas/Villa Cseh (BMW M3).

ESPR-2015-AWSM9229Because of the proximity to the Northeastern U.S. immigrant population and New York area airports, the Catskill rallies always have a very international flavor, with heavy representation from Europe and Latin America, in addition to the American regulars. Winners Fedoff and Fabian, for example, hail from the Ukraine and Hungary, respectively, although both are U.S. residents.

ESPR was conducted over 300 miles of country roads in the Ten Mile River Scout Reservation in Narrowsburg, Sullivan County, approximately 90 miles northwest of New York City. The special stages (speed tests) were 2.5-10 miles long, through the forests, generally narrow, surfaced in gravel and hard-packed dirt. Weather was partly sunny and exceptionally mild for November in the Catskills – in the 60s on Saturday and 50s on Sunday.

ESPR-2015-AWSM9682The rally was sanctioned by the National Auto Sports Association (NASA). It was a qualifying round for the 2016 NASA national run-offs, and also a round of the 2015 Atlantic Rally Series.

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Final Results:

1st, Klim Fedoff/Zsanett Fabian (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9), 1:38:04

2nd, Alvin Fong/William Machin (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9), 1:41:57

3rd, Emmanuel Cecchet/Scott Clark (Subaru Impreza WRX STI), 1:47:19

4th, Erik Potts and Bernhard “Bernie” Obry (Subaru BRZ), 1st 2WD, 1:47:58

5th, Gary Donoghue/Robbie Ward (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9), 1:50:22

6th, Paddy Brennan/David Dooley (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9), 1:50:41

7th, Greg Healey/Philip Barnes (Datsun 280Z), 1:53:30

8th, Michael Hooper/Claudi Pullen (BMW BMW 325is), 2nd 2WD, 1:55:01

9th, Lajos Jonas/Villa Cseh (BMW M3), 1:55:05

10th, J. Tyler Rohrer/Brian McNamara (Ford Focus STV), 1:58:14

2015 Empire State Performance Rally

(cars listed by car number)

No., Pilot/Co-driver, Make, Model, Team or Sponsor, Notes, Results

3 Marcel Ciascai/Michael O’Leary, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

Sat. – stopped for reasons unknown; Sun – hit a tree

DNF (did not finish)

6 Michael Reilly/Joshua Benthien, Subaru Impreza STI


Sat. – 3rd overall for the day, 5 flat tires, including one that had to be changed on special stage 1 (ss1); Sun. – off and stuck, but got going again.

10 Erik Potts/Bernhard Obry, Subaru BRZ

The team, on their second rally with this car, found that they needed a different spring/shock combination and more ground clearance for this route, but driver Potts said that it was a fun car to drive; Sat. – 5th overall and best 2WD for the day.

11 Gary DeMasi/Lori Clute, Ford Ranger GD50, V8RallyRanger

Sat. – missed one special stage due to flat tire; Sun. – minor “off”.

19 Greg Healey/Philip Barnes, Datsun 280Z

Sun. – blown coolant hose going to the start, but the team fixed it; then several flat tires.

29 Scott Beliveau/Keith Liggett, Volkswagen Golf Mk. 3, Beliveau Boys Racing

Sat. – steering knuckle came apart, causing them to miss special stages while it was fixed; Sun. – crew and car performed well, an “awesome day” according to Beliveau.

34 Gary Donoghue/Robbie Ward, Mitsibushi Lancer Evo 9

The team reported NO flat tires; best score on the Sunday run.

49 Lajos Jonas/Villa Cseh, BMW M3, Jonas Racing

Going well, even though the car was not ideal for this course

50 J. Tyler Rohrer/Brian Mc Namara, Ford Focus SVT

Sat. – 2 broken axles on special stage 10, but the sweep car towed them into service, crew fixed them at the next service stop

57 Jari Hamalainen/Richard Vaught, Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

59 Adam Noyes/Kelsey Stone, BMW 318 TI, Apogee Motorsport

Sat. – rear shocks failed twice; Sun. – rear skid plate and exhaust broke off, plus another rear shock failure, and a broken ball joint, but the service crew fixed all of it.

60 C. Sebastian Gomez Abero/Joshua Baker, Subaru Impreza

Sat. – 4th place overall for the day; 3rd gear broke early in special stage 9, and the team was unable to rebuild the transmission; Sun. – third proved to be the useful gear on this course, but the team pressed on; broke a wheel on special stage 16, and broke 1st gear on ss18 (the last stage). Finished.

63 Aidan McCormack/Mark McAllister, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6


66 Dennis Romero/Andres Romero, Subaru Impreza WRX STi, SRTeam

Sat. – broken battery cable cost time on special stages 3 & 4; Sun. – accident.


69 Alvin Fong/William Machin, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9

Sat. – intake pipe from intercooler came off on special stage 2, forcing them to stop and fix it; otherwise a good weekend.

75 Paddy Brennan/David Dooley, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9

Team reported that all went well.

80 Michael Hooper/Claudia Pullen, BMW 325is

Sat. – Lost 6 minutes on special stage 3 due to an electrical problem (relay?), problems with rear shock absorbers, flat tire; Sun. – crew had to change rear shocks twice

90 Michael Gillespie/Brian Kirby, Ford Escort Mk. 2

Sun. – differential problem on special stage 12, causing them to miss ss13 to add oil; had to change a broken wheel before starting the last stage (ss18).


96 Gerard Coffey/Martin Brady, Subaru Impreza RS

Sun. – out, reason unknown.


97 Martin O’ Flynn/Keith Mc Hugh, Mitsubishi Eclipse

Sat. – 2nd overall for the day, flat tire on special stage 10; Sun. – broken transmission.


98 Patrick Farrell/Bernard Farrell, Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Sun. – out, reason unknown


901 Gabriel Espinoza/Santiago Jarrin, Ford Focus

Sat. – out, reason unknown


902 Jeramiah O Flynn/Neil Flynn, Mitsubishi Eclipse

Sat. – changed transmission, alternator, and camshaft cover, missing 3 stages; also suffered flat tires

910 Jeff Berlin/Zachary Skipper, Subaru Impreza 2.5RS


911 Arek Bialobrzeski/Dominik Jozwiak, Subaru Impreza


914 Robert Russo/Michael Morrone, Volkswagen Jetta

Sat. – went well; Sun. – slowed by problems with the inlet pipe.

936 Derek James/Sergei Grishin, Ford Focus ZX3, Costy’s Energy Service

Team’s first rally; Sat. – slowed by possible intermittent electrical problem; Sun. – missed 2 stages due to bent trailing arms.

940 Mike Minneman/Robert Sockalexis, Honda CRX

Sat. – hit (dirt) berm on special stage 4, cracking a subframe and breaking suspension arms (and also breaking the rear window); the Brakam Racing team (#947) allowed them to use their

transporter for repairs; crew got the car back together, but driver Minneman didn’t feel that the car was rally-worthy, and withdrew.


941 Jeffrey Carl/Heather Littlefield, Mazda RX7

Sun. – lost muffler on special stage 10, otherwise “going good” according to the team.

942 Jimmie Perrin/Dana Sibilio, Subaru Impreza, Team Hazard Rally

Sat. – broken suspension arms & flat tires on special stage 1, causing them to miss ss2 for repairs; axle failure on ss10 in the dark, and co-driver Sibilio twisted her ankle putting out a warning triangle; Sun. – broken axle on ss11, which they fixed on the following transit zone

943 Emmanuel Cecchet/Scott Clark, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Frog Racing

Sun. – power steering fluid leak, the service crew added fluid.

945 Klim Fedoff/Zsanett Fabian, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9

Sat – 1st overall for the day; Sun. – changed radiator at the last service, otherwise no mechanical or team problems.

946 Malachy Darcy/Vernon Cawley, Subaru Impreza RS, Liffey Van Lines

Sat. – right rear suspension damage.

947 Nick Bragg/Robert Dawson, Dodge Neon, Brakam Racing

Sat. – accident.


949 Christopher O’Driscoll/Lori O’Driscoll, Subaru Impreza WRX

Sat. – bent suspension arm put them out for the day; Sun. – mechanical problem put them out again.


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